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st: RE: Levin-Lin-Chu unit root test for panel data

From   "Nick Cox" <>
To   <>
Subject   st: RE: Levin-Lin-Chu unit root test for panel data
Date   Tue, 18 Feb 2003 12:28:52 -0000

> I am wondering if anyone has used the -levinlin- by 
> Kit Baum and Fabian Bornhorst?
> The variable I investigated is x.
> I got the message as follows:
> >Levin-Lin test for x  Deterministics chosen: constant
> >
> >Number of gaps in sample:  1
> >sample may not contain gaps
> >invalid syntax
> >r(198);
> However, before applying -levinlin-, I used tsreport
> to check my data set, the result is:
> >tsreport if x ,report0 panel
> >Number of gaps in sample:  0
> I am totally lost.
> My data contains missing data in x, I don't know
> wether it is the reason that I failed to apply
> -levinlin-?

You are not lost at all: you have your finger on the issue, 
although there is a subtle difference here. 

-levinlin- in effect strikes out your missing values and 
then reports that there are gaps as a result. 

Your own -tsreport- includes them -- as -if x- includes 
missing values (missing is true because non-zero). So as far 
as it is concerned, you have no gaps, just missing values. 

So the two are working on different criteria, but are 

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