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st: quietly bug

From   Jonah Gelbach <>
Subject   st: quietly bug
Date   Tue, 18 Feb 2003 05:00:05 -0500 (EST)

Hi list,

I'm using version 7 and having some problems with a long program that
is supposed to emit a ton of output when called with 'noqui', and
relatively less when not called with 'noqui'.

I have had some bizarre experiences when using the program without
'noqui', esp with while-loop logic breaking down. I've since traced
that problem to a grouchiness stata7 has with blocks of code having
the form

while (condition) {

	pre-quietly code

	quietly {
		quietly-block code

	post-quietly code


(The specific problem that I can describe with this form is that after
the should-be-final iteration of the while block, the while condition
not only does not prevent re-iteration, for some reason it sends
control directly to the quietly block. Oddly, this problem seems to
occur when running on a Linux box but not on a Sun running Solaris.)

I've been able to find some references to this problem on the list and
elsewhere, but none of it is very detailed. Moreover, the above
problem does not seem to be the only problem related to the use of
-quietly- (i thought i could fix it by simply coding each line with a
leading `qui', but i was wrong about that, and i now don't know where
the current problem(s) is/are occurring).

I was hoping someone could point me to some systematic documentation
of this problem and any of its relatives, before I decide whether to
(a) comb my 1000 or so lines of code for specific offending lines, or
(more likely) (b) simply kill a lot of electronic trees and have noisy
output that eats up a lot of disk space and isn't very readable.




	Jonah B. Gelbach         

	RWJ Scholar
	School of Public Health
	University of California at Berkeley


	Assistant Professor (on leave) 
	Department of Economics
	University of Maryland at College Park

	School of Public Health
	140 Warren Hall, MC 7360
	University of California
	Berkeley, CA 94720

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