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Re: st: Referring to a varname, leading to errors

From   Philippe Glaziou <>
Subject   Re: st: Referring to a varname, leading to errors
Date   Thu, 13 Feb 2003 08:59:33 +0700

Nick Winter <> wrote:
> > In the case of an ambiguity --i.e. completion may lead to
> > several different var names, then the tab key does nothing.
> > Displaying a list of all possible completions, similar to
> > what the sh, bash or zsh shells do, would be rather useful.
> Not quite right.  Pressing -tab- seems to complete the variable
> name up to the point of ambiguity.  If there is no ambiguity,
> that is the whole variable name.  But if you have two variables
> "displacement1" and "displacement2", typing "d<tab>" will give
> you "displacement".

Thanks for correcting my wrong statement. The tab key does not do
nothing when the point of ambiguity is not yet reached, but it does
--do nothing, when that point is reached, as opposed to adding a
space when the name is already completed. 

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