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st: RE: user written ado file

Subject   st: RE: user written ado file
Date   Wed, 12 Feb 2003 20:55:19 -0500

Kompal Sinha [],

> I have written my own ado file in notepad, saved it as 
> alpha.ado in C:\ado
> folder as well as stata folder. when I am trying to type the 
> alpha command
> its giving the error "unrecognized command: alpha". Whats wrong here??

Do not store any files in "C:\ado" unless you have specifically set this
directory in your ado path.  Move your file to the "C:\ado\personal"
directory if there is one.  In other words, make sure your .ado file resides
in one of the directories that lie on your ado path.  To view your ado path,

. ma dir S_ADO

and the specific path to most of these directories is given by

. sysdir
   STATA:  C:\Stata\
 UPDATES:  C:\Stata\ado\updates\
    BASE:  C:\Stata\ado\base\
    SITE:  S:\ias\computing\software\stata\ado\site\
 STBPLUS:  P:\ado\stbplus\
PERSONAL:  P:\ado\personal\
OLDPLACE:  P:\ado\z_oldado\

Then type

	which <your_command_name_here>

to see if Stata can locate your program.  If it can't, an error message will
be returned.

Patrick Joly
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