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st: e(depvar) in xtabond

Subject   st: e(depvar) in xtabond
Date   Wed, 5 Feb 2003 12:54:45 -0500

A comment for StataCorp.  When one runs a DPD regression via -xtabond-, e.g.

   xtabond yvar xvar1 xvar2 ..., ...

shouldn't `e(depvar)' interpolate to D.yvar instead of yvar since the
equation is in fact estimated in differences?  I am raising this simply in
the interest of consistency with the way other eclass estimators save their
results.  Similarly, shouldn't the coefficient table show D.yvar in the
top-left corner?

NB: I am still using Stata 7.  This might have been addressed in the latest

Patrick Joly

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