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Re: st: Price for Stata8 with GradPlan

From (Vince Wiggins, StataCorp)
Subject   Re: st: Price for Stata8 with GradPlan
Date   Mon, 23 Dec 2002 15:58:55 -0600

Fengyu Zhang <>, in asking about GradPlan upgrade
costs stated,

> [...] I just called them, it is quite expensive too (compareing to
> the that I paid for Stata 7). They give 50 % discount based on the
> new price, but you still need to pay more than 200$ for upgrade. I
> am not sure if we can just get the new CD with less money. I don't
> relly need those full documentations.

I can only guess that Fengyu Zhang did not get the correct story when he
called, since nothing he said matches StataCorp policy or price lists that our
sales people all have.

Those who purchased Stata 7 under a GradPlan in the last four months
(September, October, November, or December) receive a FREE software upgrade
to Stata 8, they pay only the cost of shipping for the CD and a new Getting
Started manual.  

Now, concerning documentation, if they want it:

    o  For those who purchased in October, November, or December, new
       documentation corresponding to their original documentation set is
       heavily discounted.  For the most common documentation set (the
       Reference manuals and User's Guide), this amounts to $70 (plus

    o  For those who purchased in September, new documentation, is available
       at the current documentation pricing ($129 for the most common
       GradPlan documentation set).

-- Vince

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