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Re: st: More info on Stata 8

From (William Gould, Stata)
Subject   Re: st: More info on Stata 8
Date   Sat, 21 Dec 2002 10:41:47 -0600

Christopher Ryan <> asked,

> I just purchased Stata 7 four days ago.  I think it will be arriving soon.
> To be honest, I'm always a bit leery of brand new versions of software.
> Nothing specific to Stata; I feel that way about all software, and about new
> models of cars too.  So if I paid the extra $100 for the upgrade to version
> 8, would my version 7 still work as version 7, in case of "emergency?"

Ricardo Ovaldia <> was right when he wrote, 

> Yes. You can still use your Stata 7 and in fact, [...]  it will still
> receive technical support. Stata historicaly has provided free technical
> support to the both the new version and the one before. However new updates
> will only be maded to the newest Stata. In this case both Stata 7 and Stata
> 8 will be supported, but only Stata 8 will be updated as corrections or
> enhancements are made.

That is

    1.  You can install both Stata 7 and Stata 8.

    2.  Technical support for both is available, free.

Christopher also asked, 

> And same question for stat/transfer's upgrade, since I bought the now-old
> version of that, too.

Because it is Saturday, I do not have a defnitive answer on that.  I will get
one and have it mailed to the list on Monday.

-- Bill
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