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st: enhanced xi

From   "ATS Stat Consulting Group" <>
To   <>
Subject   st: enhanced xi
Date   Tue, 10 Dec 2002 15:55:53 -0800

  The ATS Stat Consulting Group would like to invite you to download and
try an  enhancement to the "xi" program called "xi3".  This is an
extension of our "xi2" program - like "xi2" it includes multiple coding
schemes (like effect coding, helmert coding, orthogonal polynomials,
etc.) and the coding of simple effects, but now it permits three way
interactions of any combination of continuous and categorical
predictors.  This has a companion program called "postgr3" that allows
you to create graphs of predicted means adjusted for other terms in the
models, and these graphs can include up to 3 terms so you can graph up
to 3 way interactions. 
  You can download the programs from our site from within stata like
  net from
  net install xi3
  net install postgr3
  The associated help files describe the syntax and have examples of
usage. While we have tested these programs, we still consider them
experimental and would ask users to view the results with caution and to
share bugs and suggestions with us.  As always, we invite you to visit
our stata resources at and our stata
portal at .
  Best regards,

Michael Mitchell
Statistical Consulting Group
UCLA Academic Technology Services

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