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Re: st: multiple imputation using STATA

From   Dr Murray Finkelstein <>
Subject   Re: st: multiple imputation using STATA
Date   Tue, 03 Dec 2002 10:25:29 -0500

HAve a look at Amelia on Gary King's web site: wrote:

> Hi all.  I am a fairly new STATA user who is determinedly trying to finish my
> dissertation.  I have uploaded the hot deck add on and at this point (ever
> changing) plan to do hot deck multiple imputation based upon the advice of
> the statistician on my committee.  In trying to think about the ramifications
> of using this method, being that I am also a novice to multiple imputation, I
> had some questions after reading about the disadvantages.  I am concerned
> about the time intensiveness of testing models for each dataset separately
> and recombining the model results into one summary model.  In addition to the
> time intensiveness, I wondered if any of you out knew more about summary
> methods that might be available in STATA?  I have read that summary methods
> are generally available in most statistical software packages for linear and
> logistic regression models but that work is still in progress to provide
> statistically appropriate summarization methods for other models.  Has anyone
> out there used these summary methods in STATA that might have some words of
> wisdom? I will be using Poisson regression in my analysis and I wondered if
> these summary methods were available for this type of regression modelling?
> Thanks in advance for any help,
> Beth
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