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st: First announcement and call for papers, NASUG'2003

From   baum <[email protected]>
To   StataList <[email protected]>
Subject   st: First announcement and call for papers, NASUG'2003
Date   Mon, 19 Aug 2002 13:14:23 -0400

The second North American Stata Users Group meeting will be held
March 17, 2003 in Boston, Massachusetts at the Longwood Galleria Conference

This is the first announcement and call for offers of presentations.
Precise timings and the cost of the meeting will be announced later.

The content of the meeting is being organised by a committee co-chaired
by Kit Baum, Boston College ([email protected]) and Marcello Pagano,
Harvard School of Public Health ([email protected]).
The logistics are being organised by Stata Corp.

Previous Stata Users Group meetings have been held in Boston (2001),
Britain, Spain and the Netherlands. All meetings are open to anyone
interested without regard for level of expertise or geographic location.
Stata Corp will be represented. There will be the usual "wishes and
grumbles" session at which you may air your thoughts to Stata developers.

The organizing committee invites offers of presentations. Presentations
should be Stata-related in some manner. We encourage submission
on any topic to do with the use of Stata in research, teaching or any
other field. The following headings are illustrative, but not restrictive.

Using Stata for modeling and analysis
User-written Stata programs
Case studies of research or teaching using Stata
Using Stata to import and manage data
Using Stata for graphics
Teaching Stata
Teaching statistics with Stata
Surveys or critiques of Stata facilities in specific fields
Software comparisons

Meeting format:
Presentation proposals will be evaluated by the organizing committee. Those
proposals accepted by the committee will require either 25 minutes of
presentation followed by five minutes of discussion or ten minutes of
presentation with five minutes of discussion. Please state the length of
presentation preferred on the abstract submission.

Submission information:
Please submit an abstract (200 words maximum, ASCII text, no math symbols) to
Kit Baum by December 15, 2002. Conference fees will be waived for presenters.
Abstracts and contact information (name, affiliation, postal address,
e-mail address, fax and phone numbers) should be entered on the
on-line submission form at

Presenters will be requested to provide materials related to their talk (slides
and programs/datasets, where applicable) in electronic form, preferably prior
to the meetings, to the organizing committee, so that they may be posted on
Stata Corp's site and in the Stata Users Group RePEc archive.

Proceedings from most of the prior meetings of the Stata Users Group
can be accessed via

Please feel free to contact the organizers with any relevant questions.

The North American Stata Users Group Meeting Organizing Committee

Elizabeth Allred [[email protected]] Harvard School of Public Health
Kit Baum [[email protected]] Boston College and RePEc
Nicholas J. Cox [[email protected]] University of Durham
Marcello Pagano [[email protected]] Harvard School of Public Health

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