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st: pweights, inequality measures and aweights (bhps)

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Subject   st: pweights, inequality measures and aweights (bhps)
Date   Thu, 15 Aug 2002 14:19:52 -0400

I had a question concerning the use of pweights in general, and with respect to
inequality an d poverty measures in particular. I think I found most of the
answers on statalist, but I would like to be sure since  the Yahoo search
facility is not very good.
Basically, I am using ineqdeco (and povdeco). The dataset (British Houshold
Panel Survey) has pweights, but these are not allowed by any of the two
programs.  I have the choice of working with no weights at all, but I would
prefer to use them. With ineqdeco, for instance, I get an error message when
trying to use pweights, and if I try to "force" the weights, they are assumed to
be aweights:
 ineqdeco income [w=pweight]
(analytic weights assumed)

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