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st: RE: graph bug?

From   "Nick Cox" <[email protected]>
To   <[email protected]>
Subject   st: RE: graph bug?
Date   Thu, 25 Jul 2002 10:24:24 +0100

Enzo Coviello
> in a two way graph, label of yvar disappears when symbol(i)
> is specified:
> . use "C:\DATA\auto.dta", clear
> (1978 Automobile Data)
> . de
> Contains data from C:\DATA\auto.dta
>    obs:            74                          1978 Automobile Data
>   vars:            12                          20 Jul 2002 12:51
>   size:         3,478 (99.5% of memory free)
> ------------------------------------------------------------
> -------------------
>                storage  display     value
> variable name   type   format      label      variable label
> ------------------------------------------------------------
> -------------------
> .....
> weight        int    %8.0g               Peso
> length        int    %8.0g               lunghezza
> ......
> ------------------------------------------------------------
> -------------------
> Sorted by:  foreign
> . graph  length weight,s(o) c(l) sort
> Label of length is shown. Otherwise if s(i) is specified
> length label
> disappears
> . graph  length weight,s(i) c(l) sort

I too have experienced this behaviour, often,
and I am going to try to convince you that
it's not a bug, but a feature. Quite
right, that's not original (your mailer
may wrap this URL):'s-not-a-bug-that's-a

I guess this kind of example was the
original motivation:

Read in the auto data (Enzo clearly has a version
with Italian labels, using Stata 10's behaviour
of translating automatically to the language you

. u auto
. gen gpm = 1 / mpg
. reg gpm weight

We should want to see a scatter plot and
regression line:

. predict predmpg
. graph gpm predmpg weight, sy(oi) c(.l) sort

All we want so far as the line is concerned
(usually) are invisible point symbols connected up.

As Enzo reports, -graph- has a rule: no variable
label (or variable name when no label
exists) is shown corresponding to a variable
shown with -sy(i)-. Therefore, "gpm" alone is shown by default
as the -l1title()-, which I guess is what
most people would think natural for this kind of
graph. -predmpg- as far as the graph is concerned is
a variable constructed for a purpose and not data
in the strict sense.

Now consider what happens when we ask

. graph gpm predmpg weight, sy(o.) c(.l) sort

i.e. a point symbol, not invisible symbols.

-graph- now faces a conflict: two variable
names both have a claim to be shown in
the -l1title()-. Stata gives up on this:
it declines to write the two on top of each
other; it might try to guess which variable
name you really want there, but Stata here
prefers to pass the buck back to you:
"If you want some text in -l1title()-,
you just have to tell me what you want."

That is, arguing backwards, this rule is
a feature for those situations in which one
variable is, for graphical purposes, one
which you wish to keep quiet.

This point leads naturally to a suggestion
for Enzo's problem:

. graph  length weight, s(.) c(l) sort

The point symbol will, for all practical
purposes, be invisible, but the variable
label will reappear.

[email protected]

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