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st: Re: 'lag' of a string variable

From   baum <[email protected]>
To   [email protected]
Subject   st: Re: 'lag' of a string variable
Date   Thu, 04 Jul 2002 11:26:03 -0400

--On Thursday, July 4, 2002 2:33 -0400 statalist-digest <[email protected]> wrote:

   In my dataset there is a variable v1, which is a string variable. I
try to use l.v1, after i set the time variable (eg, tsset time). I don't
know why stata do not permit timeseries operators on string variables, it
seems not reasonable for the lag or lead operators, beyond the difference

i wonder if there is some sort way so that i can use the laged string
Why not just v1[_n-1] ? Apart from missing values in the time domain, that will do the same thing.

Kit Baum
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