The Stata News: Vol 32 No 4

Uncover unobserved groups in your data, find the perfect Halloween candy, crunch Twitter data, and more! All in the latest issue of the Stata News.

FMM uncovers unobserved groups in your data

We can observe male and female. We can't observe risk loving and risk averse. But fmm can tease that distinction out of your data.

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Nonlinear multilevel models

Drug absorption rates, growth curves, decay ... You have a nonlinear model. You have within-subject correlation. You need menl. Stata 15 has it.

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Halloween candy

Reese's Pieces > Butterfinger?
Kit Kat > Starburst?

Walt Hickey knows, and he's got the research to prove it.

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Something to tweet about

Want to import data from Twitter into Stata? Our intern, Dawson Deere, made this possible.

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Applied Survey Data Analysis, Second Edition

Authors Steven G. Heeringa, Brady T. West, and Patricia A. Berglund teach you how to analyze complex survey data. And how to do it in Stata.

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