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Re: st: ivregress errors

From (Brian Poi)
Subject   Re: st: ivregress errors
Date   Fri, 08 Feb 2013 17:39:24 -0600

> From: Cory Smith <>
> Hi all,
> Sorry if I'm resending this, not sure if it posted the first time. I
> can't figure out the error I'm getting here. I'm running an IV
> regression (2SLS) that involves some lags and dummy variables and I
> get a strange error
> ivregress 2sls disMort (L.WmortDiff  = WrainDiff) 1900.year 1901.year
> cannot specify additional instruments without endogenous
> regressors unless you use the GMM estimator
> However, if I just generate a new variable and run it
> gen fakevariable = L.WmortDiff
> ivregress 2sls disMort (fakevariable = WrainDiff) 1900.year 1901.year
> it works fine. Can anyone explain this strange behavior to me?
> Thanks,
> Cory

I cannot replicate the error Cory is getting here.  If Cory would send
his dataset directly to me (, I'd be happy to look into it
and post a reply to statalist once I figure it out.

   -- Brian Poi

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