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Re: st: two-way frequency table using -tabout-

From   Clinton Thompson <>
Subject   Re: st: two-way frequency table using -tabout-
Date   Wed, 19 Dec 2012 14:35:42 +0100

The solution to my question was buried on page 14 of the documentation
for -tabout-:  "The underscores are used in clab to indicate blanks,
and thereby remove redundant titles.".  The command w/ the change:

tabout var1 var2 using foo.txt, replace cells(freq row) format(0 1)
stats(chi2) layout(row) clab(_ _) style(tex) bt fond(bold)
topstr(14cm) topf(top.tex) botf(bot.tex) botstr(.)

Thanks anyway!
Clint Thompson

On Wed, Dec 19, 2012 at 11:52 AM, Clinton Thompson
<> wrote:
> Hello All,
> I'm using Ian Watson's -tabout- (ssc describe tabout) to create and
> output two-way frequency tables to LaTeX.  In the tables I'm trying to
> create, I want the N to be placed above the row percent (which is
> doable) but I don't want any text in the leftmost column indicating
> that the values are the N and row percents.  I want, essentially, the
> table to be output as if it were created using -tab var1 var2, row
> chi2-.  The code I'm using follows:
>>>>>>>>>> BEGIN >>>>>>>>>>
> tabout var1 var2 using foo.tex, replace cells(freq row) format(0 1)
> stats(chi2) layout(row) ///
> clab(N Row_%) style(tex) bt font(bold) topstr(14cm) topf(top.tex)
> botf(bot.tex) ///
> botstr(.)
> <<<<<<<<<<< END <<<<<<<<<<
> Even if I change the -clab()- option to a null value or omit it
> altogether, the (default) text remains.  I've read the help
> documentation and searched the Statalist archives with little success
> so any suggestions or workarounds are much appreciated.
> I'm using Stata/SE 11.2 for Windows.
> Many thanks!
> Clint Thompson
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