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st: Tips on working with multiple waves RAND HRS

From   Daniel Almar de Sneijder <>
Subject   st: Tips on working with multiple waves RAND HRS
Date   Mon, 17 Sep 2012 11:55:46 -0400

Dear statalist,

I am currently working with a RAND HRS dataset consisting of 8 waves
of observations.  This implies that for a single variable, such as
income, the dataset consits of 8 variables of observations, for
instance r1income, r2income,..., r8income. This works fine when
considering the effects seperately, i.e. if I want to calculate mean
in wave 1 and 8, but it is a bit comprehensive when one wants to
retrieve the mean of the full dataset.

Additionally I have variables that weight the observations,
r1wtresp,...r8wtresp. My question is whether you have some tips on how
to calculate for instance the weighted mean of the full dataset of 8

I know that when I calculate the sample mean per wave I can use the command
mean(r1income) [pweight = r1wtresp]
mean(r2income) [pweight = r2wtresp]
mean(r3income) [pweight = r3wtresp]
.. etc

But how do I do it when I want the mean of all observations (something
like stacking all variables under eachother and then treating it as
one variable).


D. Sneijder
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