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Re: st: Number of a subset of variables in local

From   Antoine Terracol <>
Subject   Re: st: Number of a subset of variables in local
Date   Thu, 19 Aug 2010 15:14:28 +0200

forgot to add:

local numvar=wordcount("`mylist'")
di `numvar'


On 19/08/2010 15:11, Antoine Terracol wrote:
unab mylist : name*
display "`mylist'"


On 19/08/2010 15:04, Trelle Sven wrote:
Dear all,
I have a dataset with several variables all starting with the same name
plus sequential numbers at the end (e.g. name1, name2, name3, ...). In
addition, there are several other variables. I want to put the number of
variables starting with "name" in a local. Originally I thought I can

describe name*

But apparently, the describe command puts the number of variables of the
whole dataset in r(k) and not just the number of variables specificied
after the command.

This is my workaround:

* example starts
use datatset.dta, clear
keep name*
qui describe
local n = r(k)
use datatset.dta, clear
* Example ends

Does anybody know whether there is a more elegant way i.e. can I avoid
loading the dataset twice?

Thanks for your help

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