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RE: st: set mem problem

From   Kiss Sándor Csanád <>
To   "" <>
Subject   RE: st: set mem problem
Date   Fri, 6 Aug 2010 10:42:40 +0000

Rajesh, upgrading to Stata11.1 in fact let me double my allocatable memory, so thnx.
And to all the others as well.

          Kiss Sándor Csanád
          Elemző közgazdász / Economist
          Office of the Fiscal Council, Hungary
          1055 Budapest, Honvéd utca 20.
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From: [] On Behalf Of Tharyan, Rajesh
Sent: Thursday, August 05, 2010 12:57 PM
Subject: RE: st: set mem problem


On this page it says " Windows XP. The amount of memory available to Stata has been increased on 32-bit Windows XP." 
This is referring to stata 11.1 which is a free upgrade to stata 11. You don't say what OS you are using but upgrade to 11.1 and see if that makes any difference. But the problem of the 2gb limit on 32 bit systems will still apply I guess. So the real alternative is what Neil suggests. Which might be easier said than done when that decision is not in your hands.


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From: [] On Behalf Of Neil Shephard
Sent: 05 August 2010 11:24
Subject: Re: st: set mem problem

010/8/5 Kiss Sándor Csanád <>:
> Hello Everyone!
> My General Problem is:
> I keep bumping into the following error message with set mem:
> op. sys. refuses to provide memory
> r(909);
> I use Stata/SE 11.0 for Windows (32-bit).
> I have 4 gigs of RAM, and only can give stata about 700m.
> I heard rumours that under 32bit, this problem is unsolvable. Is it?
> My Specific Problem is:
> I have to read in a .sav file of 924megabyte
> stattransfer converts it to a 1900megabyte .dta which is way too big
> stattransfer also can convert it to an equally sized .cvs which I could read
> in with insheet
> but i cant, because I am only able to allocate 700 megabytes with set mem
> Is my only solution file splitting?

The solution is to upgrade to a 64-bit operating system.

All explained in


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