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Re: st: Spss vs Stata

From   "Airey, David C" <david.airey@Vanderbilt.Edu>
To   "" <>
Subject   Re: st: Spss vs Stata
Date   Mon, 2 Aug 2010 11:54:22 -0500


Sounds like some people need to read the PowerPoint manual.


> In the midst of a thread regarding issues related to migrating from
> SPSS to Stata, Walt Paczkowski ( asked
> for advice on working with both Stata and Microsoft PowerPoint:
> > ...
> >
> > Now here's the problem with Stata and many of the comments made about 
> > SPSS and Stata.  The comments mentioned many times that there are ways 
> > to get output into Latex for publication-quality output.  I need it in 
> > PowerPoint!  And I'm sure there are many others like me (does any one 
> > know the breakdown of Stata users between pure academics worried about 
> > publications and consultants/business people?).  How do I take a dozen 
> > graphs and get them into PowerPoint without cutting and pasting each 
> > one, one at a time (as a note, S-Plus has a PowerPoint wizard that is 
> > amazing and R has a package called R2PPT that works fairly well)?  How 
> > do I get logit regression output into a PowerPoint slide without coping, 
> > pasting, and laboriously reformatting so it looks "pretty"?  This is 
> > where users like me need help.  We don't need LaTeX functions (by the 
> > way, I'm also a heavy LaTeX user, preferring this over Word any day), 
> > but rather functions to get things into PowerPoint.  To me, the gist of 
> > the thread on SPSS and Stata is how to get useful output to give to 
> > anyone, and my vote is for functions that are PowerPoint oriented.
> > 
> > I welcome any suggestions on how to get output into PowerPoint easily, 
> > quickly, and with minimum reformatting.
> Walt asked two specific questions for which the following tips may
> be useful.  Note that I am using PowerPoint 2007, so menu choices
> may be slightly different in other versions of PowerPoint.
>    Q1) How can multiple Stata graphs be imported to PowerPoint without
>        copying/pasting each one?
>    A1) First, export the Stata graphs as .wmf or .emf files.  For example,
>            . sysuse auto
>            . scatter mpg weight
>            . graph export g1.wmf
>            . scatter price mpg gear_ratio
>            . graph export g2.wmf
>        Then, on the Insert tab of PowerPoint's ribbon bar, select
>        Photo Album--New Photo Album... from the Illustration section.
>        This dialog box in PowerPoint allows you to select multiple
>        graphs at once, with many options for placing them on multiple
>        slides, including space for titles, and so on.
>    Q2) How can regression output be pasted into PowerPoint without
>        the need to reformat it?
>    A2) I am assuming Walt wants the output to appear in PowerPoint
>        exactly as it appears in Stata.  In this case, in Stata, he
>        should highlight the output he wishes to copy, then pull
>        down Edit and select Copy as Picture.  He can then paste
>        the output into Word, and it will look exactly as it did
>        in Stata.
>        Copy as Picture creates a metafile of the Stata output drawn
>        exactly as Stata draws it.  Because it is a metafile, the
>        output can even be resized within PowerPoint and still look
>        good.
>        The same thing works when using Word or any other program
>        which allows metafiles to be pasted into it.
> Alan

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