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Re: st: Stata 11: xstata via ssh with X forwarding - some aspects aresluggish

From (James Hassell, StataCorp LP)
Subject   Re: st: Stata 11: xstata via ssh with X forwarding - some aspects aresluggish
Date   Thu, 20 May 2010 11:31:17 -0500

Dave Ewart <> reported sluggish performance in the
Stata 11 Data Editor when using it from their Linux server via X11 
forwarding.  First Dave should verify that the latest Stata updates 
have been installed.  Next he should open the Data Editor, access the
"Preferences" from the "Edit" menu, and then check the box labeled 
"Disable visual gradients (improves performance)".  This option was 
added specifically to improve performance when using X11 forwarding.

-- James

>We have a big, fast Linux server which is where Stata is installed.
>Users connect to this server from Windows, and run xstata with X
>forwarding (that is, PuTTY and XMing are used from Windows).
>We recently upgraded from Stata 10 to Stata 11 and found that some
>aspects of the Stata GUI (particuarly the data browser) behave
>extrememly sluggishly when Stata is used in our usual manner.
>The GUI sluggishness persists when running xstata with X forwarding from
>a *Linux* workstation.  Therefore, I don't believe our problems arise
>due to our choice (or configuration) of PuTTY or XMing.
>Running xstata locally on the Linux server itself does not show any of
>the sluggishness; and nor does it when temporarily reverting to a Stata
>10 installation.
>The network between workstations and the server is very fast and
>relatively quiet, so I don't believe that network congestion is to
>blame, unless it's caused directly by Stata 11 and not caused by Stata

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