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Re: st: xstata user preferences, via ssh with X forwarding: any tips?

From   Pete Huckelba <>
Subject   Re: st: xstata user preferences, via ssh with X forwarding: any tips?
Date   Thu, 20 May 2010 11:57:58 -0500

xstata for Linux checks for the environment variable STATA_PREF_DIR at launch for user preferences. If STATA_PREF_DIR is not set, it falls back to the DISPLAY environment variable, which as Dave noted, is login dependent. Simply defining that variable should solve the multiple preference issue.


On 05/20/2010 04:35 AM, Dave Ewart wrote:

When running xstata remotely over ssh using X forwarding, user
preferences may be stored in


where 'localhost:12.0' is the value of the DISPLAY environment variable
for that session.

Next time one logs in, DISPLAY will probably be different, so xstata
looks for settings in, say,


This means, in effect, that xstata does not reliably save settings from
one session to next which is rather annoying.


What I'd really like is some means of doing one of the following two

1. Ideally, change xstata's settings path to something I choose -
specifically so that it doesn't include the DISPLAY setting and is fixed
from session to session.  Is that possible?

2. Find a command-line equivalent of the 'Open/Save Preferences'
operations so that they could be included in a startup
command sequence.  Documentation suggests nothing like this exists, is
that true?

All suggestions welcome...



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