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st: RE: Metan help

From   "Nick Cox" <>
To   <>
Subject   st: RE: Metan help
Date   Mon, 22 Mar 2010 11:46:21 -0000

I don't understand what you mean in your reference to Nor can I, or as far as I can guess anybody else, explain why you get an error with -metabias-. You should explain what error you mean. 

But the rest looks relatively simple and nothing to do with your use of a Mac. 

You can't use -metan- through a dialog if you don't have a dialog file installed, and that's the problem, as the error message you quote does include. 

-metan- doesn't qualify as a programming command, but it is a user-written command. The latest version of -metan- appears to be at 

SJ-9-2  sbe24_3 . . . . . . . . metan: fixed- and random-effects meta-analysis
        . . . . . . . . . Harris, Bradburn, Deeks, Harbord, Altman, and Sterne
        (help funnel, labbe, metan if installed)
        Q2/09   SJ 9(2):327
        by() variables were being converted to string format and
        the predictive interval option rfdist had an error when
        used for nonratio measures; these problems are fixed

and the files for this version do not include a dialog file. Your installation, among other things, copied from that source. 

Thomas Steichen independently maintains a -metadialog- package on SSC, which may be what you want. I can't comment on whether the dialog files there are up-to-date for -metan-. Tom or others should be able to comment further. 


Sripal Kumar

I use Stata 10 for Mac.  Previously when I used to use it with
windows, it used to work well.  I have the following problem on my
mac.  I installed the meta analysis commands from

. net from

I have a user written command saved as for meta-analysis.

When I use the user written command menu:  User-->meta analysis-->
metan, I get the "Dialog for metan not found:  Either metan is a
programming command or a user-written command for which no dialog box
has been written"  The same thing happens when I type in "db metan".
However, I still can run the command if I use "metan variable1
variable 2 OR etc".

Is this something to do with MAC?

I get an error for metabias as well though I am not using the dialog
box command.

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