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st: problems with frontier estimation

From   Camila Alva Estabridis <>
Subject   st: problems with frontier estimation
Date   Thu, 11 Mar 2010 15:51:39 -0500

I am working estimating a frontier sthocastic function using the frontier
command. All was working fine: I could do the estimations, as always....but
today, I don´t know what has happened that I can not run the same do
file anymore...the most extrange thing is that my boss can run exactly the
same program on his computer. Does anybody knows what could be happening?

The estimation is as simple as this:

    frontier lnpi lnprice2 lnprice3
      lnw1_fertil lnw1_manure lnw1_wage
      lnprice2_lnprice2 lnprice2_lnprice3
      lnw1_manure_lnw1_manure lnw1_manure_lnw1_fertil

and then, it runs:

Iteration 0:   log likelihood =  -2453.717  (not concave)
Iteration 1:   log likelihood = -2447.9898
Iteration 2:   log likelihood =  -2440.184
Iteration 3:   log likelihood = -2439.8862
Iteration 4:   log likelihood = -2439.1468
Iteration 5:   log likelihood = -2439.0261
Iteration 6:   log likelihood = -2438.8969  (not concave)
Iteration 7:   log likelihood = -2438.8598
Iteration 8:   log likelihood =  -2438.837
Iteration 9:   log likelihood = -2438.8258
Iteration 10:  log likelihood = -2438.8255
Iteration 11:  log likelihood = -2438.8255
Stoc. frontier normal/truncated-normal model      Number of obs   =
                                                  Wald chi2(20)   =
Log likelihood = -2438.8255                       Prob > chi2     =
option nullok not allowed
                 stata():  3598  Stata returned error
   _b_table::di_titles():     -  function returned error
           _coef_table():     -  function returned error
                 <istmt>:     -  function returned error
end of do-file

but it get stuck before presenting the tables....

I hope you can help me,
Thank you very much,

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