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Re: st: Raschtest

From   Jean-Benoit Hardouin <>
Subject   Re: st: Raschtest
Date   Mon, 31 Aug 2009 14:57:25 +0200

This message is printed where many scores are not represented (for your 4 items, certainly you have few individuals with a score of 1 or 2 or 3 ). If the -autogroup- option don't "repair" this problem, I suppose that all the individuals of your sample have a positive or a negative response to all the five items (and so all the scores are 0 or 4). I think that none fit tests can be used in this case and that the fit can not be good (because this is a very deterministic framework to use the Rasch model).
I hope this helps !

Ousmane FAYE a écrit :
Dear all,
I am running the "Raschtest" command on four dichotomous variables
to analyze fit for an index variable. I used the following
command: "raschtest Q5_111 Q5_114 Q5_113 Q5_112, id(hhid)". However, I received the following error message: "(Files with residence episodes and individual characteristics) At least one group of scores concerns none individuals. Tests will be not computed. Use the group or the autogroup options."
I tried both options (group or autogroup) but I still receive the same error message. Is there any way to fix this and compute the tests I
need? Your help would be very much appreciated.
Thanks in advance,

Nairobi, Kenya

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