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RE: st: SPSS and IBM

From   "Philip Ryan" <>
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Subject   RE: st: SPSS and IBM
Date   Thu, 30 Jul 2009 13:22:38 +0930


but $10 billion is a lot of money, and death can last a long time. Bill
might feel tempted....


Philip Ryan
University of Adelaide

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Subject: Re: st: SPSS and IBM

At 10:25 PM 7/29/2009, Alan Acock wrote:
>This morning in The Financial Times I read a short article saying that
>IBM just bought SPSS for $1.2 Billion dollars. It said they were
>interested in it for Predictive Analytics--a long way from the roots
>of SPSS as the Statistical Package for the Social Sciences. This
>development seems consistent with the recent name change in SPSS. It
>will be interesting to see where the package goes in terms of the
>statistical applications it offers.
>Alan Acock

I hope this doesn't mean that Microsoft will soon be making a $10 
billion dollar takeover bid for Statacorp.  I'm sure Bill Gould and 
his partners would fight any such effort to the death though. :)

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