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st: Converting SAS or SPSS setup files to stata do files

From   "Eric Uslaner" <>
To   <>
Subject   st: Converting SAS or SPSS setup files to stata do files
Date   Wed, 29 Jul 2009 07:38:01 -0400

Dana Chandler asked:
I just downloaded a bunch of data from ICPSR, but unfortunately not
all of it has stata do files to go from the fixed width .txt raw data
to a stata .dta dataset.
ICPSR does, however, provide setup files for SPSS and SAS. I can guess
at what the syntax is and then manually adjust it to write a stata do
file. Since it's a rather slow process, I was hoping someone had a
perl script or other way to use regular expressions or what have you
to convert a SAS or SPSS setup file to a stata dictionary.
There is a usespss ado on SSC.  That should solve your immediate problem.
But even better follow Steve Dubnoff's advice and get Stat Transfer.  It is an excellent program and if you use ICPSR regularly, you can download SPSS data files and immediately convert them to Stata.

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