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RE: st: Missing outcome variables - how to deal with these?

From   Maarten buis <>
Subject   RE: st: Missing outcome variables - how to deal with these?
Date   Sun, 24 May 2009 12:24:42 +0000 (GMT)

--- On Sat, 23/5/09, Ana Gabriela Guerrero Serdan wrote:
> One thing you would be able do if you have missing values
> for some of the explanatory variables  (which is not
> your case) is to create a dummy =1 for those variables that
> you have missing values, in this way you dont loose the
> observations when you do your analysis, for example, if you
> do a regression and your outcome variable is education and
> you want to include an explanatory variable of education of
> the mother/father but you have missing values here, then you
> include the dummy that I was mentining before. 

I would only use this method in very special cases where the
values are missing because they don't exist, e.g. the 
occupational status of a mother that is a housemaker and thus
does not have a paid job, or the occupational status of the 
father in a single mother household. In all other situation
I would advise against it. For the logic behind this advise

Hope this helps,

Maarten L. Buis
Institut fuer Soziologie
Universitaet Tuebingen
Wilhelmstrasse 36
72074 Tuebingen


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