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Re: st: RE: Stata equivalent to st_matrixcolstripe?

From   Austin Nichols <>
Subject   Re: st: RE: Stata equivalent to st_matrixcolstripe?
Date   Thu, 16 Apr 2009 15:07:01 -0400

Thomas Jacobs <>:

The macro extended functions are much less useful if you have spaces
or other special characters in the names, as shown by this example:

mat b=J(2,3,1)
mat rownames b="row x: item 1" "row y: item 2"
mat colnames b="eq1: item 1" "eq1: item 2" "eq.2: item 3"
mat li b
loc c: colnames b
mat colnames b=`c'

*Sometimes you'd like to be able to do something like:

mat c=J(2,3,0)
matnames b
mat colnames c=`r(c)'
mat rownames c=`r(r)'
mat li c

Since I often use spaces or other special characters in the names
attached to matrix rows and columns, I have a little program that gets
properly quoted names and puts them in returned results, so you can
run the above example (if you save the below code to

*! Program to put row and column names in r()
*! posted to Statalist by Austin Nichols 16 April 2009
prog matnames, rclass
 version 9.2
 syntax anything [, *]
 cap conf matrix `anything'
 if _rc {
  di as err "matrix `anything' not found"
  error 198
 forv i=1/`=rowsof(`anything')' {
  mata: getRNames("`anything'",`i')
  loc r `"`r' `"`r1':`r2'"'"'
 forv i=1/`=colsof(`anything')' {
  mata: getCNames("`anything'",`i')
  loc c `"`c' `"`r1':`r2'"'"'
 return local r=`"`r'"'
 return local c=`"`c'"'
version 9.2
 void getRNames(string scalar b, real scalar i)
   st_local("r1", r[i,1])
   st_local("r2", r[i,2])
 void getCNames(string scalar b, real scalar i)
   st_local("r1", c[i,1])
   st_local("r2", c[i,2])

One could also construct both local macros in one call to Mata, and
probably there are other improvements possible, but the above works
for what I need, and perhaps it will suit your needs as well.
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