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st: A couple of file command questions for writing a .tex program

From   Thomas Jacobs <>
To   StataList <>
Subject   st: A couple of file command questions for writing a .tex program
Date   Thu, 16 Apr 2009 14:14:01 -0500

Fellow listers,

I am trying to learn to write Latex files from Stata/Mata with the
file commands and have a couple of questions:

1.  What is the difference between using simple quotes " xxx "
compared with `" xxx "' type quotes?  The user manual displays simple
quotes for write commands

file write handle "first part is"

while in the Gini/Pasquini' Automatic Generation of Document article
from Stata Journal vol 6 number 1, the typical example
uses a format like,

file write handle  `"first part is"'

I would like to know how they are treated differently, if at all.

2.  A more complicated question.  How does one use a $ sign in a file
write command and not have Stata treat it as a global macro?  For
instance, the end of the following command:

file write tex "\begin{tabular}{lrrrrrrrrrrr}\hline\\ \scriptsize
Model & `: word 1 of `:colname e(b)'' & p-val & "
file write tex "`: word 2 of `:colname e(b)'' & p-val & `: word 3 of
`:colname e(b)'' & p-val & `: word 4 of `:colname e(b)'' & "
file write tex "p-val & `: word 5 of `:colname e(b)'' & p-val & adj.
$R^2$ \\" _n
file write tex "\vspace{0.05in}" _n


\begin{tabular}{lrrrrrrrrrrr}\hline\\ \scriptsize Model & FFMkt &
p-val & SMB & p-val & HML & p-val & UMD & p-val & _cons & p-val & adj.
^2$ \\

and I end up with ^2$ as opposed to the $R^2$ term I need for a Latex
math string.  I also tried


without any change in results.  Any suggestions would be much appreciated.



Thomas Jacobs
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