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Re:st: Overlay stcurve graphs from different models

From   Ulrich Atz <>
Subject   Re:st: Overlay stcurve graphs from different models
Date   Sun, 12 Apr 2009 04:23:34 -0400


stcurve, hazard outfile(...) gives me a completely different output than using the predict hazard, haz command (weibull, exponential distribution). Why?
Consequently, line hazard _t looks differently than stcurve, haz

Thank you very much.


I suppose you can use the 'outfile' option to -stcurve- to save the plot coordinates, combine the files created (user and append) and use - tw (line ...) (line ...) - to generate the plot you want.

All the best

De : [ ] de la part de Dimitris Pavlopoulos [ ]
Date d'envoi : mardi 13 janvier 2009 14:56
À :
Objet : st: Overlay stcurve graphs from different models

Dear all,

I want to overlay two graphs derived from stcurve but from different models. Specifically, I want to overlay a graph from a weibul survival model without frailty and the graph from the same model but with frailty:

streg age smoking , d(weib)

stcurve, survival saving(graph1)

streg age smoking , d(weib)  frailty(gamma)

stcurve, survival saving(graph2)

Is there a way to overlay graph1 and graph2? with graph combine I can only put them next to each other. I am using STATA 10/MP.

Thank you in advance!

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