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st: Collaborating in stata: how to share code and control version

From   "Fabrice" <>
To   <>
Subject   st: Collaborating in stata: how to share code and control version
Date   Thu, 9 Apr 2009 20:50:25 +0200

Dear Stata colleagues,

I'm considering options to put structure into developing shared code in
Stata. Currently, we already share code by using the ADO directory
mechanism, that is very fine (i.e. putting into a shared ado directory files
code that everyone else can use).

However, we start encountering problems whereby two people are modifying the
same file concurrently, or worse, one erasing someone's else work.

This is a typical case where a version control system is required and I
wonder if anyone has anything to recommend. 
Note1: The environment is windows. 
Note2: version control for stata development should not be confused with
"version control" in stata, which only alludes to the idea that Stata allows
to enforce the version of the system under which the code is run.

I've looked on the web, and found hints that Emacs that would a) interface
with Stata and b) provide some version control system. Yet, I wonder if that
works smoothly and is worth the effort.

What is your experience on that matter? Has anyone found anything elegant
(i.e. simple) to manage this under windows?


Fabrice Cavarretta
Assistant Professor of Management and Entrepreneurship
ESSEC Business School

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