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Re: st: log-likelihood in seemingly unrelated regression

Subject   Re: st: log-likelihood in seemingly unrelated regression
Date   Fri, 12 Dec 2008 18:43:27 +0100

I am not sure if I understand your problem: what about using -di-???
. sysuse auto
. sureg (price foreign weight length) (mpg displ = foreign weight)
[output soppressed]
. di e(ll)

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At 02.33 10/12/2008 -0500, you wrote:
>To whom it may concern
>I am doing the seemingly unrelated regression with STATA, however, the  
>result does not display the log-likelihood. I searched two commands  
>"reglike" and "fitstat" for displaying the log-likelihood. I am not  
>sure which is better for my regression and how to use them. Do I need  
>to download them first? Just add them after sureg step or any other  
>steps? I am using STATA 9.
>Thank you very much!
>Jingjing Li 

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