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st: multifactor analysis with Stata

Subject   st: multifactor analysis with Stata
Date   Sun, 14 Dec 2008 11:47:16 +0100

In one paper of mine, I performed a -factor, pcf- analysis on a survey, and said I did not perform the same thing on a companion survey due to miserable -estat kmo- result. Both reviewers asked to try a "multifactor" analysis. Is any of you familiar with this word and able to translate it into a Stata 9.2 command? 
Just note that in the paper I do not report any reference to the Stata commands above, and that I labelled my analysis as Principal Component Analysis (several non-Stata users (for long time I didn't bother to learn how to do such things with Stata, and reverted to my first statistical software, SPSS) seem not to be aware that -pca- and -factor, pcf- are different things).
If it may help, the area of the research is (innovation) management.
Many thanks, 

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