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Re: st: income classes as dependent variable

From   David Radwin <>
To   stata stata <>
Subject   Re: st: income classes as dependent variable
Date   Thu, 11 Dec 2008 12:12:00 -0800

You might also look at this message about imputing values and the critical responses.


At 1:43 PM +0000 12/11/08, marcel spijkerman wrote:
Dear Stata users,

My data set contains data on income and a number of characteristics (age, education etc.). I want to explain individual income by the characteristics. Income is not known exactly, it is only known to which income class an individual belongs to. I have reasons to believe that income is not normaly distributed. Can I simply use an ordered logit/probit model or should I use another type of model. and if so, do there exist stata modules to estimate such model.


Marcel Spijkerman

David Radwin //
Office of Student Research, University of California, Berkeley
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