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RE: st: How to achieve invisible bars in -graph bar-?

From   "Nick Cox" <>
To   <>
Subject   RE: st: How to achieve invisible bars in -graph bar-?
Date   Wed, 30 Jul 2008 18:06:46 +0100

When -graph bar- does not do what you want, it is usually best to turn
to -twoway bar-. 
So you needn't put even a notional bar where you just want text labels,
just use -twoway scatter- or -twoway scatteri- (e.g.). 


Eva Poen

I just realised that this attempt will be futile anyway. -graph bar-
with -(asis)- does not allow to label the bars with the label of
-yvar- which is what I wanted in the end. I will have to fiddle with
-twoway- to achieve what I want, I believe.

I'm still curious why -bstyle(none)- does not do what it says, though.

2008/7/30 Eva Poen <>:

> I am trying to achieve invisible bars in a -graph bar- chart. The idea
> is to show only the labels and not the bars themselves; all of this is
> part of my effort to add more information to a -graph bar- chart than
> Stata allows by default.
> However, I fail to render the bars invisible. After reading the help
> on barlook options, I concluded that the following should work:
> sysuse auto
> graph bar (mean) length turn, over(foreign)  bar(1, bstyle(none) )
> In Stata 9.2 and Stata 10, this still gives me the outline of the
> bars. No matter which combination of -bstyle-, -color-, -fcolor-,
> -lwidth-, -lcolor-, and -lstyle- I choose, I always end up with an
> outline around the bars.
> I find that confusing, since -help areastyle- notes for the style
> -none-: "no outline and no background color".
> Is there some way to omit the bars and only print the labels?

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