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st: syntax error help is needed

From   "Sasha Shepotylo" <>
To   "" <>, "Oleksandr Shepotylo" <>
Subject   st: syntax error help is needed
Date   Fri, 25 Jul 2008 14:48:17 +0300


I am using Stata 9.2 and XP.

I wrote an ado file:

program define skernel
version 9.2
syntax varname using/ , dist(name) band(real 1000) save(string)

/* Generating kernel matrix */


gen codei=`1'
gen codej=`1'
fillin codei codej
sort codei codej
merge codei codej using "`using'", nok
keep codei codej `dist'
replace `dist'=cond(`dist'<=`band',1,0)
reshape wide `dist', i(codei) j(codej) string
drop codei
mata: matrixsave("`save'")

and try to use it in the following command:

skernel code using "$p\Income\dist_cepii" , dist(distw) band(1000)

but it gives me an error message invalid syntax r(197).

I have variable called code and I tried different values of band
option. In fact I do have another program that has similar structure
but do not have option called band.
Obviously, I suspect that there is something wrong with the way I
specify my option band.


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