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RE: st: Wildcard for string variables

From   "John Wagai" <>
To   <>
Subject   RE: st: Wildcard for string variables
Date   Thu, 17 Jul 2008 16:11:17 +0300


To get to your final answer use the regex command:

gen seq = regexm(newvar, "Tim")

NB use the newvar generated by Rich below


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Subject: Re: st: Wildcard for string variables

Sorry about the typo:

gen byte newvar=substr(sequence,1,4)=="Tim "

Richard Goldstein wrote:
> I don't see any need for a wildcard; how about
> gen byte newvar=substr(sequence,1,4)=="Tim"
> Rich
> Hugh Colaco wrote:
>> Hi Statalisters,
>> I am not sure how the string wildcard works. For example, I have a
>> string variable called "sequence" that has the following
>> observations:-
>> 1. "Tim and Tom and Jane"
>> 2. "Tim and Jane and Tom"
>> 3. "Tom and Jane and Harry"
>> 4. "Jane and Jill"
>> I want to generate a new variable that equals one if Tim is the first
>> name mentioned, and zero otherwise.
>> Thanks in advance,
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