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Re: st: Some questions about editors and directory management

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Subject   Re: st: Some questions about editors and directory management
Date   Thu, 10 Jul 2008 07:12:23 -0700

FWIW, I use the cygwin unix emulator ( under windows
and edit files with vim both within Stata and within cygwin. Vim is a
programmer's editor, and it knows about Stata (mostly) and this is
helpful. (I'm sure emacs does too, but I'm not a big fan of
ctrl-esc-shift-U commands and such.) Unix is a pretty good environment
for working with text, which is important for both programs and raw
data, and without grep and awk and head and sed and bash and so on it
would take me a lot longer to complete many tasks. Cygwin also makes it
practical to use the RCS revision control system with program files, not
that I'm doing that at present. I only wish that Stata under Windows
were more batch-friendly. (Anybody know how to get Stata to terminate
without putting up a "OK, I'm done" dialog?)

I don't have any great insights on directory management, but Unix tools
can be pretty handy too for moving and renaming and searching through files.


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