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st: download ANCILLARY FILES

From   Viktor Slavtchev <>
Subject   st: download ANCILLARY FILES
Date   Wed, 04 Jun 2008 18:43:17 +0200

1) The problem I have is that I am able to download and run user written stata commands (for example -tmap-) but I am not able to download the ANCILLARY FILES. I get an error message:
checking gr0008 consistency and verifying not already installed...
cannot write in directory


I suspect that it has to do with the security policy on my pc (windows). I would like to know in which directory the ANCILLARY FILES are usually copied. Then I can change it.

2) The same problem occurs when I try to save the results using -outreg-:

. reg bs_FN bs_industrie_FN
. outreg using ttt.txt
file ttt.txt could not be opened

I amusing a network-licensed stata.
. sysdir
STATA: P:\Stata10\
UPDATES: P:\Stata10\ado\updates\
BASE: P:\Stata10\ado\base\
SITE: P:\Stata10\ado\site\
PLUS: c:\ado\plus\
PERSONAL: c:\ado\personal\
OLDPLACE: c:\ado\

with P:\ network drive and C:\ local HDD.
any help is greatly appreciated.
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