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Re: st: "Difference-in-differences" program needed

From   Reza Daniels <>
Subject   Re: st: "Difference-in-differences" program needed
Date   Thu, 22 May 2008 14:47:02 +0200

Hi there,

Did you ever get a reply to your Statalist request for an automatic
command for diff-in-diff in Stata?


>>> "Pär Sjölander" <> 2007/11/23 03:30 PM >>>
I would like to know if threre is a Stata program (e.g. that works like
the psmatch2 stata module) where you can get the
difference-in-differences (se e.g. Heckman). 

(Or is it necessary that I do the propensity score matching first, and
then perform the diff-in-diffs? Or is there an existing full program
where I can get the difference-in-differences automatically, just as I
get the ATT in psmatch2.)

Grateful for help!

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