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Re: st: programming with stata

From   Maarten buis <>
Subject   Re: st: programming with stata
Date   Sun, 4 May 2008 18:53:26 +0100 (BST)

In principle I don't think that there is much difference in the
capabilities of these packages. The major advantage of Stata would be
that it is very easy to make a command that is indistinguishable from a
standard Stata command, so it is easy to make a user friendly version
of your stata program. However, I think the most important
consideration would be what your collaborators are using: If everybody
is using Ox and you are the only one using Stata than that is going to
be difficult, and vice versa.

-- Maarten

--- Tunga Kantarci <> wrote:

> Thanks for your answer Maarten.
> There are really not many people who can compare ox and mata
> languages.
> Therefore I would like to further the question:
> Is mata a clean language, as ox? What possibly would I be missing by
> not
> going for Mata?
> What would make me choose mata instead of ox? Or, so many people use
> matlab.
> Why should I go for mata instead of matlab?
> My question may not be easy to answer because I am simply asking an
> objective comparison of programming languages.
> There are articles which compare ox, gauss, s plus etc...
> But stata is a different issue here. As one uses Stata's higher level
> language capabilities, 
> it makes little sense to switch to another program for lower level
> languages, if mata is as good as gauss or ox...
> Also I don't really get objective advises. People advise one over
> other,
> without giving clear reasons.
> Perhaps this is because they are not able to compare, but they don't
> mention
> this and advise the one they know.
> This is not an advise I am seeking.
> I will invest time into this. And I want to know for what I am
> investing my
> time. 
> I want to know what I would be missing by leaving other options away.
> Or would the differences be less than I am thinking of?
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