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Re: st: programming with stata

From   "Tunga Kantarci" <>
To   <>
Subject   Re: st: programming with stata
Date   Sun, 4 May 2008 19:37:47 +0200

Thanks for your answer Maarten.
There are really not many people who can compare ox and mata languages.
Therefore I would like to further the question:

Is mata a clean language, as ox? What possibly would I be missing by not
going for Mata?
What would make me choose mata instead of ox? Or, so many people use matlab.
Why should I go for mata instead of matlab?

My question may not be easy to answer because I am simply asking an
objective comparison of programming languages.
There are articles which compare ox, gauss, s plus etc...
But stata is a different issue here. As one uses Stata's higher level
language capabilities, 
it makes little sense to switch to another program for lower level
languages, if mata is as good as gauss or ox...

Also I don't really get objective advises. People advise one over other,
without giving clear reasons.
Perhaps this is because they are not able to compare, but they don't mention
this and advise the one they know.
This is not an advise I am seeking.
I will invest time into this. And I want to know for what I am investing my
I want to know what I would be missing by leaving other options away.
Or would the differences be less than I am thinking of?


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