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Re: st: GNU Emacs, ESS and Stata

From   Christopher Intemann <>
Subject   Re: st: GNU Emacs, ESS and Stata
Date   Thu, 24 Apr 2008 12:25:17 +0200

I think
is a good start.
However, I guess interactive mode in emacs not possible at this time.
It says:
"Currently, ESS does not support Stata to the same extent that it supports SAS and R. This is primarily due to the power that it has for handling I/O, and because recent versions of Stata (v7 and up) want to control this as much as possible."
I'm using emacs as well, as stata's built in editor is really a pain.
I'd be happy to learn about an alternative editor for stata which is capable of interactive mode, in particular for Mac OS X.

Am 24.04.2008 um 02:48 schrieb kayhop666:


Could somebody please suggest a reference/website that
might help me in understanding how to use ESS to make
Stata interactive in GNU emacs? I'm new to emacs and
successfully use it interactively with R, but want to
do the same with Stata. That is, run lines of code
from within emacs and have the output dumped into a
buffer. ESS was written specifically for this, but I
cannot figure out how to interact with Stata (v.9.2).

Thanks very much!!


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