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Re: st: GNU Emacs, ESS and Stata

From   Phil Schumm <>
Subject   Re: st: GNU Emacs, ESS and Stata
Date   Sat, 26 Apr 2008 08:50:55 -0500

On Apr 24, 2008, at 5:25 AM, Christopher Intemann wrote:
I'd be happy to learn about an alternative editor for stata which is capable of interactive mode, in particular for Mac OS X.

One of the best text editors for writing Stata (and other) code on OS X is TextMate ( There are a million reasons for this; for example, TextMate can handle Stata's compound quotes (`" and "') and match the macro expansion characters ` and '. I can send you a Stata bundle if you'd like. One user has made a lot of progress in developing an R bundle that permits interactive use of R within a TextMate window. His work could be used as a template for developing similar functionality for other applications, though I don't believe you'd get very far with Stata -- at least not with console Stata on OS X. I could be wrong.

Personally, I've found that a good text editor running alongside GUI Stata works pretty well. In fact, you could even bind the return key (temporarily or with a modifier) to send the current line to Stata for processing, which would simulate an interactive session pretty well. I rather like the smooth lines that SMCL generates and the color scheme I use for the Results window, and you would of course lose these if you were running inside an editor buffer.

-- Phil

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