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st: unbundling gamfit.exe to c:\ado\

From   Gauthier Tshiswaka-Kashalala <>
Subject   st: unbundling gamfit.exe to c:\ado\
Date   Tue, 15 Apr 2008 07:29:42 +0200

My problem is a bit different in that I do not know how the FORTRAN program GAMFIT.EXE available at // can be UNBUNDLED. I tried 'copy and paste' but nothing seem to be happening. Any help?
Quoting Nick Cox <>:

Laura Miller asked what looks like a very similar question in late
See the Statalist archives for the discussion.


Gauthier Tshiswaka-Kashalala

I am trying to apply GAM to my data but dont have the FORTRAN program
GAMFIT.EXE copied to my C:\ado\ directory. Can someone please take me
through the steps of unbundling the 'gamfit' file found at
// to my C drive. I am using Stata 10 on
Windows Vista.

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