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Re: st: Displaying within Stata version 8 graphs that were generated in Stata version 10

From   David Jacobs <>
Subject   Re: st: Displaying within Stata version 8 graphs that were generated in Stata version 10
Date   Thu, 03 Apr 2008 16:56:30 -0400

You probably will have to move to Stata 10 for the Mac. I can think of just one possible remedy that involves some trade-offs and may not work, but it would be easy to find out.

Stata 10 will still create graphs in the old version 7 format. This format has its uses because the graphs appear instantaneously (and I like some of the features. Scatters for example have an easily obtained box option that shows the degree of skewness for each variable).

Then you could see if version 8 for the Mac will open these graphs. In case you want to try this, the start of a command is "gr7 (is a colon necessary after the 7? I don't have my version 7 manuals here). While this may work, the version 7 graph commands differ from those in version 8 and the help files for version 7 graphs probably were rudimentary in the version 8 you have at home. But if you still have your old version manuals, and this works, you would have a work around.

This might be your only option short of purchasing version 10 if it works.

Dave Jacobs

At 04:17 PM 4/3/2008, you wrote:


I have Stata version 8.2 on my Mac.  However I have to work on a
dataset in a lab where there is only Stata version 10 on a PC.  At
the lab, I ran a do-file with the version command (i.e. "version 8")
right at the beginning of the do-file, and in the do-file I generated
some graphs.  When I tried to "graph use" the graphs that I had
generated in the lab (i.e. using Stata version 10 on a PC) at home
(i.e. using Stata version 8.2 on a Mac) however, I got the following
error message:
file /Users/me/YRSEDU_yrinsho.gph is a new format that this version
of Stata does not know how to read
    suggestion:  type -update query-

I typed "update query" and the information was that my version of
Stata version 8 is updated.

Is there a way for me to generate live-format graphs using Stata
Version 10 on a PC, which I can later on display and modify etc using
Stata Version 8 on a Mac ?

I know that if one wants to run a command under a specific version of
Stata, one can use the "version #" command.  But I did use the
"version" command at the top of the do-file which generated the
graphs, and still I can't even display the graphs using my Stata
version 8.  Can someone help me please ?
Thanks in advance.

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