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st: Likelihood function of uniform distribution

From   Bob Hammond <>
Subject   st: Likelihood function of uniform distribution
Date   Tue, 01 Apr 2008 12:57:50 -0500

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In order to run a Maximum Likelihood Estimation, I need to define the likelihood function for a uniform distribution. But I am not sure how to define a uniform probability distribution function in Stata. For example, I don’t know how to define the following function or the associated likelihood function in Stata:

f(x)=1 if 0<x<1
=0 otherwise.

I have tried the following commands to define the log-likelihood function of a uniform distribution; however, I think it is NOT an appropriate way to do it since theta is not penalized when it falls outside the interval [0,1]:

program myunif
args lnf theta
quietly replace `lnf' =ln(`theta') if $ML_y1==1
quietly replace `lnf' =ln(1-`theta') if $ML_y1==0

Also, how do you define the following triangular probability distribution function?

f(x)= 4x if 0<x<0.5
=4-4x if 0.5<x<1
=0 otherwise.

I appreciate any help or comment in advance.




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