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st: Basic question to Count Data Models

Subject   st: Basic question to Count Data Models
Date   Wed, 27 Feb 2008 12:41:17 EST

Hello everyone,

I have some basic  questions about Count Data Models.
I am trying to estimate the total number  of children a woman gives birth to 
dependend on some explanatory variables, like  f.e. education_high, 
education_low and age.

F.E. Amount of Children=  f(educ_high, educ_low, age)

I want to use a Count Data Model, since  Poisson distribution seems to be the 
proper assumption for it.

Problem: I  donīt have any idea how to implement it into stata. Does stata 
have such  functions? And what are the commands for them?

Another problem: Someone  told me that "dispersion" or "under-dispersion" 
might be a problem with a Count  Data Model. I did some research but couldnīt 
find anyhting about that. Does  anyone of you know whether this is true? And if 
so, can you give me a hint or  literature suggestion, what "under-dispersion" 
is and how I could face it in my  problem?

Thanks a lot,


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