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Re: st: Re: Controlling display format for -addlabel- option on -histogram-

From   Ronan Conroy <>
Subject   Re: st: Re: Controlling display format for -addlabel- option on -histogram-
Date   Mon, 11 Feb 2008 13:21:55 +0000

On 11 Feb 2008, at 13:01, Michael Blasnik wrote:

You can use the slightly documented (see help histogram, last sentence under Bar labels section) option addlabopts with the yvarformat suboption. For example, to get one decimal place :

histogram rep78, width(1) addlabel addlabopts(yvarformat(%4.1f))
Fascinating. I had followed the hyperlink in the help file to the help on -marker_label_options-, which makes no mention of - yvarformat-, without noticing that in the main help for -histogram- it states that more options than are normally accepted by - marker_label_options- are available, including the reference to - yvarformat-.

Perhaps, since -histogram- clearly has its own armamentarium of marker label options, they might be worth documenting in one place.

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